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Psychotherapist counselling

Psychotherapy method: integrative approach using cognitive-behavioral techniques, gestalt techniques and art-therapy.

At certain points in life every one of us feels the need in professional help. There are neither similar life situations, nor universal solutions for personal problems. However, there are no unsolvable problems!

When is counselling helpful?

  • Anxiety,
  • resentment,
  • guilt,
  • panic attacks
  • state of depression
  • difficulties in building interpersonal relationship;
  • loss of purpose (age or identity crisis, doing what you don’t like for a long time);
  • going through the pain of loss of a significant other;
  • PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder);
  • Physical and psychological addictions.

Asking for professional help states that the person realizes the need for positive change in his/her life as well as readiness to take responsibility for his/her life, fate and health.

Therapist counselling at “Here and Now”

At our center of body and soul harmony “Here and Now” you are welcomed with friendly attitude and professional approach. During counselling sessions your therapist is focused on a client and provides full attention and acceptance. The atmosphere of trust lets our clients speak on difficult and disturbing topics while our support helps finding inner resources for further full-fledged life and work.


Psychotherapy method (integrative approach)

cognitive-behavioral techniques

gestalt techniques



body-oriented psychotherapy

Session duration is 60 minutes

Стоимость услуги
3000 руб
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Psychotherapist counselling