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About the center

Psychological center «Here and now» is a cozy and comfortable place for growth and development. Our specialists offer their help live or online and work with families, children and adults.
Our sessions with a psychologist will help you uncover your potential and abilities you have never thought you have.

Daria 28
How can I have time for everything while being mom and wife and getting most out of life? That was the problem I came with to the “Here and now” center. My life has completely changed!
I started visiting the center in mid-Autumn and still am a regular there and not planning to stop. Me and my husband were there on a couples therapy (all the problems are gone by now but we still attend it monthly), I occasionally take individual counseling (since my work is connected with communicating with people and I need correction from time to time) and group trainings where I can solve an immediate problem and find support in people if necessary). I love the cozy atmosphere there, it feels like you are always welcome there.
I’ve been going there for individual and group therapy for about a year. The specialist there helped me become more sensible to myself and others, be more open in communication, and see my own irrational behavior patterns that I couldn’t distinguish by myself. I came here when I just couldn’t bear it any more. Special thanks to Daniel who provided me with so needed help and other specialists who are still doing it today.
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